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Miss Kayleigh Littlemore, Solicitor in Actions Against the Police, has successfully represented Ms. Dawson in a claim for compensation against Greater Manchester Police after she was unlawfully arrested, assaulted and had her human rights violated by Manchester Police Officers whilst in attendance at an organized protest against sexual violence in St Peters Square, Manchester on 27th March 2021.

The Case

The conception of the protest was that protestors were descending onto the tram lines to provide a platform for victims to stand up and speak about their experiences. However, when it was Erins turn she was approached by Police Officers telling her to move. Naturally, she asked why, but was not provided with an answer. The officers began shouting and using violence against Erin and she again asked what power they had to do this. Shockingly, the officer mockingly responded, “under the power of being nice”.

Thereafter, without any warning, Erin was dragged away by the Police Officers during which time, her trousers came down to her ankles and her top was raised exposing herself to all in attendance. This was extremely humiliating for her, especially given that this took place in the center of Manchester City Centre on a busy day. Despite this, the officers made no attempt to cover her up and dragged her away whilst exposed. Erin felt utterly helpless in this situation as she was being restrained by the officers and was not able to cover herself up.

Eventually, Erin was placed into a police van and taken into custody. However, instead of being interviewed at the police station, she was simply handed a fixed penalty notice and was released. Eventually, the said fixed penalty notice was overturned and she obtained a refund.


After this, Erin approached specialist Actions Against the Police solicitors, Irvings Law, for assistance. Miss Littlemore immediately acknowledged that what happened was completely wrong and without hesitation, offered to act for her by way of “no win, no fee” presenting a claim to Greater Manchester Police on the basis that her Human Rights had been breached, that she had been falsely imprisoned and assaulted.

Miss Littlemore was then quick to request and obtain all available evidence from the police to conduct an analysis on the strength of the case. Following this, she was satisfied that Erins case had good prospects of succeeding and so submitted a detailed letter of claim to Greater Manchester Police alleging the above and then shortly after issued court proceedings.


Soon after receiving court proceedings, Greater Manchester Police made Erin an offer to settle her case for £5,000 plus payment of her legal costs. Shortly after, Erin confirmed she wanted to settle her case and accepted the above offer.