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Mr Mathew McConville, Head of Irvings Law’s specialist Data Protection Department, has successfully represented a client in a claim for compensation against North Yorkshire Police; the client wishes to remain anonymous for this report and so will be referred to as Mr B.

Mr B was arrested and interviewed on two occasions by North Yorkshire Police in relation to an incident and North Yorkshire Police made an application to the Magistrates Court to extend Mr B’s pre-charge bail which within the same included his private personal information that included his URN/ASN numbers, full medical history and the factual investigative background into the said incident. North Yorkshire Police thereafter hand delivered the same to Mr B’s housemate whom was unaware of all the above said private and personal information. Upon being notified of this, Mr B lodged a complaint to North Yorkshire Police but also wished to take matters further too.


As such, Mr B approached specialist Data Protection Solicitors, Irvings Law, for assistance. Mr McConville immediately acknowledged that what happened was completely wrong and without hesitation, offered to act for Mr B by way of “no win, no fee” presenting a claim to North Yorkshire Police for a breach of human rights, data protection and misuse of private information.


In response to such a claim, North Yorkshire Police admitted that they had breached the above and agreed to pay Mr B  compensation. Without the need to issue Court proceedings, Mr B agreed to settle his claim for around fifteen thousand pounds including the payment of his legal costs.

Author: Matthew McConville