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Mr Matthew McConville, Head of Irvings Law’s specialist Actions Against the Police and Data Breach Department, has successfully represented a client in a claim for compensation against the Metropolitan Police after they lost devices belonging to his said client. However, this client does not wish to be named.

Mr O was arrested by the Metropolitan Police and several electronic items were seized as part of that arrest. Following the conclusion of such investigations, Mr O’s Criminal Defence Solicitor requested his property be returned to him and as they were routinely ignored, a complaint was lodged. Subsequently, the Metropolitan Police confirmed that they had indeed lost Mr O’s belongings and too, their contents


After the Professional Standards investigation, Mr O approached specialist Actions Against the Police and Data Breach Solicitors, Irvings Law, for assistance. Mr McConville immediately acknowledged that what happened was completely wrong and without hesitation, offered to act for Mr O by way of “no win, no fee”. After obtaining all documentation and information from the Metropolitan Police and Mr O’s criminal defence solicitor, Mr McConville alleged that the Metropolitan Police had breached Mr O’s human rights, breached GDPR and also misused his private information which was a breach of confidence too. Quite bizarrely and despite the finding of their own Professional Standards Department, the Metropolitan Police’s legal department denied liability but indicated a willingness to settle Mr O’s claim.


Without requiring the issuing of proceedings, the Metropolitan Police agreed to pay Mr O £5,000.00 plus the payment of his legal costs.

Author: Matthew McConville