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Irvings Law, which specialises in Action Against Police, has successfully represented a client (whom wishes to remain anonymous) after she was unlawfully arrested by the Metropolitan Police.

The client contacted the Police following an assault by her mother’s neighbour.  Unfortunately, when the Police arrived they received a counter allegation of assault against the client, who was then wrongly arrested. The client was handcuffed and detained in custody where she collapsed; but was not taken to hospital. The client was instead deemed fit for interview and during this, she cooperated with the investigation but denied the allegation of assault; instead stating that she was in fact the victim during this incident. Despite this, the client was subsequently charged with assault and bailed pending Trial. Following her release from custody, the client was diagnosed with a chest injury and severe high blood pressure before she was later required to attend Court for Trial. Fortunately, the matter was reviewed and subsequently dropped with no further action taken against the client and since this, her assailant has been convicted for racially aggravated assault.


Upon assessing the merits of the client’s claim and offering to act on a No Win No Fee basis; Irvings obtained evidence from the Metropolitan Police and submitted a Letter of Claim for false imprisonment and assault.


Unfortunately, the Metropolitan Police denied liability; which Irvings challenged. Although the Police still maintained their position on liability, they accepted the client’s offer to settle her claim for £3300.00 plus the payment of her legal fees too.

Author: Lucy Smith