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Mr Matthew McConville, the Head of our specialised Actions Against the Police and Data Breach Department at Irvings Law has successfully represented Mr N (whom wishes to remain anonymous for the purposes of this blog) in his data breach compensation claim against Kent Police after his complaint response was sent to the incorrect address.

Mr N lodged a neighbour dispute complaint to Kent Police and when lodging the same, gave his correct and current address at that time. Unfortunately, Mr N did not receive a response in regards to this despite ample chasers until the occupants of the other property notified him that they had received the same by mistake. The said response letter included information pertaining to Mr N including his name, that he lodged a neighbour dispute complaint and that the said complaint involved alleged parking issues with the said neighbour as well as the complaint finding too. Due to this error, Mr N lodged a further complaint to Kent Police whom responded by accepting that they had made a mistake and apologised for that too.


Once informed of this, Mr N approached specialist Actions Against the Police / Data Protection Solicitor, Mr McConville and without hesitation no win, no fee terms were offered. Once instructed, Mr McConville lodged a formal Letter of Claim to Kent Police and alleged that they had breached / invaded Mr N’s privacy under the Human Rights Act, had breached the Data Protection Act 2018 / the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as confidence following their misuse of private information pertaining to Mr N.


Upon receipt of this, Kent Police admitted liability and resolved Mr N’s claim for £2,500.00 in total.

Author: Kayleigh Littlemore