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Mr Kyle, Senior Partner and Director at Irvings Law who specialise in Actions Against the Police Department, has successfully represented a client in a claim for compensation against Essex Police but such a client does not wish to be named for this blog.

Mr M was walking on the central reservation an A road having recently left his partner’s vehicle following a falling out. Mr M was then stopped by Police Officers from Essex Police who asked for his contact details. Mr M explained what had happened and that he did not want to give his name as he was then going to simply get a taxi after crossing the road as he did not need any help from the said attending Police Officers. Mr M was then arrested, strangely, on suspicion of theft before he was then taken to the Police Station. Once there and given that he felt ill-treated, Mr M became uncooperative to which the Custody Staff responded by authorising a strip search. After this horrific ordeal, Mr M was then forced to provide his fingerprints which he again tried to resist doing given what had happened to him. Such force used caused incredible pain to Mr M as he had pre-existing nerve damage to his hand and so as to get him to comply, Mr M was punched square in the face whilst being held by Custody Staff. Mr M was then held overnight and was interviewed the next day before being released under investigation; a  few months later turning into no further action due to a lack of evidence.


After his no further action confirmation, Mr M approached specialist Actions Against the Police Solicitors, Irvings Law, for assistance. Mr Kyle immediately acknowledged that what happened to Mr M was completely wrong and without hesitation, offered to act for him by way of “no win, no fee”. After obtaining all available documentation, information and footage from Essex Police, Mr Kyle alleged that not only was Mr M’s arrest unlawful but he was too subjected to excessive force in being strip searched and punched.


After lodging his claim, Essex Police agreed to pay Mr M £7,500.00 plus the payment of his legal costs.


Author: Ian Kyle