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Our client, Mr D was arrested in May 2022 by Dorset Police. On the night in question, our client was at home where he accidentally burned food which produced a lot of smoke, resulting in the fire brigade being dispatched. A number of hours later, the police attended Mr D’s property and arrested him on suspicion of arson with intent to endanger life after an alleged Facebook post which our client had no recollection of making. After 29 hours in custody our client was released with no further action with no way of getting back home which he did not do until 4 hours after release.


On behalf of the client, we took steps to send a letter of claim to the police force detailing the incident requesting compensation for the distress and inconvenience experienced as a result. The police force didn’t initially respond as per the timeframe.


When a response was received by the police, an offer of settlement was made in the sum of £2,000.00 which was accepted by our client to allow him to put a line under matter and move forward.

Author: Matthew McConville