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Miss Kayleigh Littlemore, Solicitor at Irvings Law in the specialist Actions Against the Police department, has successfully represented her client (Mr L) in a claim against the British Transport Police for false imprisonment and assault in relation to an incident after he was unlawfully arrested at his place of work.

In September last year, Mr L decided to go to the McDonalds within the station where he worked on his break when he was approached by a male who wrongly assumed Mr L was pushing in the queue. Despite Mr L calmly explaining that he was not and then leaving the store to avoid an altercation; the police were called. Approximately two hours later, officers telephoned Mr L who kindly agreed to meet them on platform A to assist them with their investigations. Despite his compliance and although the officers hadn’t even spoken to any alleged victim at this stage, they forcefully grabbed, handcuffed and arrested Mr L. Mr L was then left sitting in handcuffs on a bench in his place of work and in front of his colleagues and members of the public for some time before being physically escorted out of the station by the officers again grabbing and pulling his arms. Mr L was then taken to the police station where he was detained in a cell for approximately 8 hours before being released without any charge.


Shortly after being released, Mr L approached Irvings Law for assistance about bringing an action for how he was treated. Miss Littlemore, agreed to act on behalf of Mr L by way of “no win, no fee” after listening to what had happened to him. After finalising his complaint against the officers, Miss Littlemore requested and obtained all available evidence from the police and then submitted a detailed Letter of Claim alleging false imprisonment and assault.


After receiving the said Letter of Claim, the British Transport Police admitted liability and made him an offer to settle his case. Knowing this offer was too low, Miss Littlemore advised Mr L to make a counter offer in the sum of £4,500.00 plus the payment of his legal costs which was later accepted by the police. In addition to compensation, Miss Littlemore secured Mr L a full letter of apology from the officer who arrested him too.

Author: Kayleigh Littlemore