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Miss Olivia Kilgallon, Solicitor within Irvings Law’s Actions Against the Police Department, has successfully represented Mr Jordan Heard in a claim for compensation against Lincolnshire Police after Officers trespassed onto his property and drew tasers on him, breaching his human rights on 16 July 2022.


Lincolnshire Police Officers were dispatched to an address on 16 July 2022. Having entered the address into their navigation system, the Officers entered the property of Mr Heard (whose door was open due to his young daughter having her friend over) without checking the name of the street they were on. Mr Heard, believing it was one of his children who had come in through the front door, went to walk down the hallway to greet his children where he was met by two Lincolnshire Police Officers with tasers switched on and drawn.

Mr Heard immediately kneeled down out of fear and was asked to confirm his name and address. Upon doing so, the Officers turned off their tasers and informed Mr Heard that they had entered the wrong address; Mr Heard’s address was not the address they had been dispatched to. The Officers quickly left. Mr Heard’s young children were also in the property and having heard the commotion, walked into viewpoint of the hall, and witnessed the above.


Mr Heard approached Irvings Law for assistance with the above and Miss Kilgallon immediately identified how Mr Heard’s human rights had been breached by the Officers and how traumatising this had been for Mr Heard and his children. Miss Kilgallon offered to act for Mr Heard under a no win, no fee agreement without hesitation and a letter of claim was then sent to Lincolnshire Police alleging that Officers had trespassed onto Mr Heard’s property and breached his human rights by invading his privacy and his right to a family life.


Soon after the letter of claim was served on Lincolnshire Police, Mr Heard was able to achieve settlement by accepting £4,000.00 in compensation plus his legal costs without the need to issue and serve proceedings.


“I am very very happy with how quickly this was resolved and a great outcome. Would definitely recommend Olivia Kilgallon from Irvings Law. Thanks very much”.