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Miss Olivia Kilgallon, Solicitor within Irvings Law’s Actions Against the Police Department, has successfully represented Ms Maxine Ibbertson in a claim for compensation against South Yorkshire Police after Officers trespassed onto her property, unlawfully detained her, and breached her human rights during a raid on the wrong house in the early morning on 27 April 2022.


Armed South Yorkshire Police Officers obtained a warrant to enter a property in the early morning on 27 April 2022. Ms Maxine Ibbertson was in bed alone that said morning, after her husband and daughter had left for the day. Not long after her husband had left, Ms Ibbertson heard a distant buzzing but thought nothing of it. Immediately thereafter, three armed Police Officers burst into Maxine’s bedroom with guns pointed at her, screaming for her to confirm her name.

Maxine was extremely confused and frightened and provided her name. Maxine asked why the Officers were there and they asked her to confirm her address. Immediately after she did so, the Officers realised their error and informed her that they had forced entry into the wrong house; the warrant they had obtained was for the house next door. The Officers explained this to Maxine and then left to execute the warrant on the correct house.

Maxine was understandably left traumatised and when she was finally able to stand and go downstairs in her own home, Maxine found that her front door had been sawn in half and her back patio doors had been smashed and broken. The state of the damage was such that when Maxine’s young daughter returned home, the broken frame fell on her and caused injury.


Maxine approached Irvings Law for assistance with the above and Miss Kilgallon immediately identified how Maxine’s human rights had been breached by the Officers and how traumatising this had been. Miss Kilgallon offered to act for Maxine under a no win, no fee agreement without hesitation upon hearing the above during the initial free consultation. A letter of claim was then sent to South Yorkshire Police alleging that Officers had trespassed onto Maxine’s property, unlawfully detained her within her own bedroom and breached her human rights by invading her privacy.


Soon after the letter of claim was served on South Yorkshire Police, Maxine was able to achieve settlement by accepting £8,000.00 in compensation plus her legal costs without the need to issue and serve proceedings.