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It is shocking to learn that more than around 10,000 criminal cases may have been affected by alleged manipulation at a forensics lab that analysed evidence of drug driving, violent crime, sexual offences and unexplained deaths. Of these, around 50 cases that were due to go to trial have been dropped over the scandal at a Randox Testing Services laboratory in Manchester and two road deaths have been referred to the Court of Appeal. However, this is just a fraction of the alleged cases across 42 police force areas in England and Wales that could be affected by the alleged data manipulation which dates back to 2013. This said manipulation has now resulted in convictions being overturned because of the need for retesting. To evidence the seriousness of the scandal, two men formerly employed by Randox Testing Services (RTS) have been arrested and five others have been interviewed under caution by Greater Manchester Police.

Thankfully, the true scale of the Randox Testing Services forensic testing scandal is now beginning to emerge as more and more people are being contacted by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to be told their convictions were not reliable. It has, of course, come as a huge relief to those affected that the forensic tests were not safe but unfortunately, the damage has already been done. For example, one of my clients ‘simply couldn’t understand how he was over the prescribed legal limit’ but he felt unable to argue against what was considered to be indisputable scientific evidence. As a result of his conviction, my client lost his job and received a two-year driving ban which caused major disruption to his life. Due to the conviction on his criminal record, my client also struggled to secure another job until he received notification from the CPS that the forensic testing used in the prosecution against him were not reliable. My client was informed in this notification from the CPS that his forensic evidence was independently retested which showed that he was in fact below the prescribed legal limit. Subsequently, my client applied to have his conviction overturned and was successful; he now is trying to rebuild his life.

As specialists in handling civil liberties and human rights cases, our team here at Irvings are committed to ensuring that people are rightly compensated for their suffering. If you have received one of these letters from the CPS, we can put you in touch with experts in criminal law to ensure that your convictions are overturned and following this through our own expertise, we will seek civil redress for you holding RTS to account.